An equal opportunity for every child.

Talent and potential are evenly distributed across the world, but opportunity is not. We’re working on changing that one child at a time.

We are the Simama Project.

We empower children and youth in Nanyuki, Kenya to move off the streets and into the classroom by removing the daily barriers to opportunity through our comprehensive “whole child” model of support.

Sponsorship Options

How it works?

It’s not enough to simply pay for a child’s school fees. We help to alleviate the daily challenges children face so they can focus on what’s important: simply being a student.

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Community Outreach

We work closely with community leaders to create sustainable, culturally-appropriate solutions to getting kids off of the streets.


It’s hard to learn when you are hungry. Each child receives three full meals per day.


All of our children are offered housing at boarding school or our Transition Home.

Love and Support

Our dedicated social workers and house parents provide the love, medical care and support to help rehabilitate our children off of the streets and reintegrate them into a family environment.


We provide scholarships for all tuition fees, boarding costs and supplies.


Our Center of Worth program pairs a counselor and an older student to every younger student to serve as both mentors and tutors.


We partner with our children’s families to reintegrate the children and to provide them the resources at home needed to be successful in school.

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Why focus on education?

Each Year of Education

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Making a huge impact in a child’s life costs very little.


Give the gift of mentorship.

Fund the annual salary of a social worker as they are the vital pillars of our success.



Give the gift of love.

Fund the annual salary of a house parent, who creates a safe and nurturing environment to children in our Transition Home.



Give a year of full support.

Provide an entire year of housing, food, rehabilitation support, social services, and all school fees and supplies for a child.



Give a year of school.

Provide an entire year of housing, food, and all school fees and supplies for a child.



Give a year of school supplies.

Provide all school supplies and uniforms for one child for one year.



Give a month without hunger.

It’s hard to learn when you’re hungry. It only costs $1/day to completely feed a child.