Our Principles

Simama means ‘stand up’ in Swahili.

We believe you cannot change someone’s life for them; but, you can empower them to change it for themselves. Education is the key to accomplishing that and we believe it should be a fundamental right, not the privilege of a select few.

Educating the Whole Child

Invest in Potential

We believe in the potential of every child when provided with opportunity.

Impact & Innovation

We track all of our work, scaling programs that demonstrate successful impact and modifying those that do not. We value innovation and constantly strive to improve the efficacy of our outreach.

Transparency & Accountability

We implement the highest standards and best practices of financial accountability to provide donors with full transparency into the impact their donations have made.

Community-Driven Solutions

We partner with community leaders, education organizations, the private sector, local and national government officials and other local shareholders to create sustainable, culturally-appropriate solutions. Community ownership is vital to the success of any project that Simama supports.